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  • with early and late appointments, when booked in advance:
  • Early Mornings: arrive from 6am, or
  • Late Nights: arrive until Midnight,
  • Closed: Sundays


  • Arranging a mutually convenient time is often best expedited by phone.
  • It’s easier if you have some available days and times in mind.
  • Please telephone between 8am – 9pm Mon – Sat to check availability.
  • Requests for urgent appointments, please telephone.
  • Please leave a message with your name if you get my voice mail, I will contact you discretely as soon as I can.

Lomi Lomi

Are you looking to totally relax?

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage techniques usually commences with stillness and silence between the therapist and client, where therapist will rest their hands gently on the clients back. In this stillness the practitioner will quietly make an intention and ask for a blessing for whatever healing is needed to take place during the massage.

Lomi Lomi massage is dictated by your body’s individual energy flow and therefore no two massages will ever be identical. The massage techniques is given in fluid, rhythmic motion using the forearms as well as the hands with full body strokes and / or different parts of the body massaged at the same time.  This assists the recipient in totally relaxing as it is impossible or at least extremely difficult for the brain to focus on the two different areas at once.

Gentle stretches of the body and gentle rotations of the joints are also incorporated to assist the release of tensions and assist the flow of energy, once again not forcing, but feeling the level of the client’s resistance or comfort.


As with most massage the general  benefits are different for different people which depend on ones needs.

A Lomi Lomi helps you to:

  • Totally relax.London Man4man massage, M4M Massage, M2M Massage, Man to Man Massage, Man for Man, Man2man
  • Tune into your body’s energy.
  • Reduces mental stress and tension.
  • Helps you to switch off mentally.
  • Fantastic well-being tonic.

Ideal for people with:

  • Experiencing low moods. 
  • Feeling in a rut, stuck in life.
  • Depression.
  • Anxiety
  • Mental Stress.
  • Preferring a soft and gentle massage.

A regular client new to this type of massage commented recently.

“A wonderful feeling! I felt waves of energy gently flowing over and at times around my body, like I was floating.”

Cost Options

  • 1 hours – £60

Location Details

London Man 4 Male Massage is easily accessible by public transport, (between 5-30mins) from the following locations:

Anerley, Addiscombe, Adington, Balham, Brixton, Brockley, Clapham, Camberwell, Caterham, Coulsdon, Croydon, Crystal Palace, Elmers End,  Forest Hill, Honour Oak Park, New Cross, Norwood Junction, Penge, Purley, South Norwood, Streatham, Sydenham, Sutton, Thornton Heath, Tulse Hill, Upper Norwood, West Norwood, Wallington, Tooting, & Woodside.

SE1, SE4, SE5, SE14, SE17, SE19, SE20, SE21, SE22, SE23, SE24, SE26, SE25, SE26, SE27, SW16, SW17, SW4, SW19, SW11, SW8, CRO & CR7.

20% off – Students

If you’re studying

I appreciate finance is tight and life can be stressful particularly at exam times.

20% off any massage.

Terms and Conditions

  • Available Tues – Thurs.
  • Starting between 11.30am – 3.00pm.
  • Current NUS student card required.
  • In call only.
  • Not available with any other promotion or offer.
  • State at the time of booking.

15% off – Regular Massage

REGULAR MASSAGE – Rewarding your body maintenance regimes

15% off A  course of 6 full body massages over 7 months | anytime

Massage rates are based on time, so I’m flexible about the mix of massage you have from the list below, here’s some examples with reduced prices:

  • Relaxing Swedish – 90 minsusually £75 – Now equivalent to £65
  • Chakra Rotation – 120 mins- usually £95 – Now equivalent to £80
  • Deep Tissue – 150 minsusually £120 – Now equivalent to £108
  • Tension-busting – 180 mins – usually £140 – equivalent to £119

Pay full price for the first five sessions and 6th sessions is reduced.

Regular clients also get a 15 minute bonus after the 3rd session.

Terms and Conditions

30% off – Give a Gift

When your friend receives a wonderful gift of a massage from you.

A massage of 90 mins or more.

You will receive a discount of 30% off your next massage.

You can pre-pay your gift with Paypal or card and leave their details here.

You can arrange the appointment with me or I will contact your friend to arrange the appointment.

Terms and Conditions

  • In call or Out Call for your friend.
  • 30% off In call or Out Call for you.
  • Not available with any other promotion.

30% off – Refer a Friend

When you recommend me to your friend

He has a massage of 90 mins or more.

You will receive a discount of 30% off.

Terms and Conditions

  • In calls only.
  • 30% off your next massage.
  • Not available with any other promotion.




25% off – Consessions

If you’re receiving a state benefit.

25% off any massage.

Terms and Conditions

  • Available Tues – Thurs.
  • Starting between 11.30am – 3.00pm.
  • Photo ID and proof* of concession required.
  • In call only.
  • Not available with any other promotion or offer.
  • State at the time of booking.

* Proof of payment of work, age or disability related payments. E.G. Recent bank statement, offer letter etc.

Back of Body Massage

It’s an ideal tonic, and good to rid that restricting muscle tension from your most used muscles. It will leave your joints feeling loser, the trunk of your body will feel more free with more mobility and you will be feeling relaxed.

A focused massage on the back of your body, where most of your hard-working muscle groups are located from your head to your toes.

It’s available as Deep Tissue or classical Swedish or a mix of both depending on where you most need it and your preference.


Man4man massage, M4M Massage, M2M Massage, Man to Man Massage, Man for Man, Man2man. Anerley, Addiscombe, Balham, Bermondsey, Brixton, Clapham, Camberwell, Croydon, Crystal Palace, Elmers End, London Bridge, Norwood Junction, Oval, South Norwood, Upper Norwood, West Norwood, Thornton Heath, Tooting. Vauxhall, Victoria, WoodsideAs with most massage the benefits are different for different people. Benefits may not be immediately apparent, on the other hand the effects may be acutely apparent.

  • Totally relax.
  • Reduces tension.
  • Reduces mental stress.
  • Fantastic well-being tonic.
  • Remove physical signs of stress.
  • Prevents and relieve muscles cramps and spasms.
  • Improves blood circulation, which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system, which carries away the body’s waste products.

Additional benefits for Deep Tissue

  • Deep relaxation and recovery.
  • Increased joint mobility, and less stiffness.
  • Replenish and Rejuvenate your entire body.

Deep Tissue helps specific long term problems:

  • Chronic pain.
  • Limited mobility.
  • Postural problems.
  • Osteoarthritis pain.
  • Muscle tension or spasm.
  • Helps manage pain (e.g. arthritis, sciatica, muscle spasms).
  • Recovery from injuries (e.g. whiplash, falls, sports injury).
  • Repetitive strain injury (e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome).

Cost Options

  • 60 mins – £50
  • 90 mins – £70
  • 2 hours – £95

For people suffering from an injury or ailment and require a course of treatments I offer a discounted price depending on what’s required after an initial assessment.

Foot Massage & Reflexology

Foot massage has been practised in many cultures for centuries to promote health and well-being. Today, massage is considered a complementary and alternative medicine used by millions to relieve pain, reduce stress and anxiety, rehabilitate injuries and boost general health. The practice of foot reflexology massage involves applying pressure to specific points on the feet in order to affect various parts of the body.

Whether you make time for self-massage, coax your partner, after a long day or book a foot massage with a professional  masseur or a certified reflexologist, it won’t just be your feet that reap the benefits.

Here’s a chart to show how your feet are connected to your body.


Tranquility and Relaxation

Massaging the feet can alleviate anxiety and bring about a deep state of relaxation. One important point that is situated on both feet is the solar plexus reflex. The solar plexus is sort of a little warehouse where all your stress is stored. When the solar plexus point is pressed on, stress is released and the body is renewed.

Improved Circulation and Cleansing

The blood that circulates through the body is responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrition to the body’s cells. The blood also cleanses waste and toxins from the body. Because blood flow becomes limited when stress is present, foot massage can be beneficial as it decreases stress and allows the circulation of blood to flow unimpeded.

Balance and Harmony

Homeostasis is when all the body’s systems are working in harmony with one another to bring about a state of balance. A foot massage can encourage homeostasis so that good health can be obtained.

Energy and Rejuvenation

Foot massage is restorative in that it gives the receiver energy. When the foot is rubbed and palpated, all the elements of a foot massage come together to bring energy to the body. According to theories of reflexology, foot massage releases any blockages that can hold back energy that should be flowing through the body freely.

Enhancement of Immunity

Stimulation of reflexes in the feet through massage is an action performed to bring about relaxation and healing. Relaxing the body through foot massage may prevent the harmful effects of stress from taking a toll on the body. A regular foot massage can offer protection against the many diseases that are associated with stress.


Rubbing the feet is deeply relaxing, nurturing and loving, (even when performed by a professional) and it’s a wonderful way to enjoy a massage with all the potential benefits listed above.

Read more …… about foot massage.